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  • BUFF



    Uses: Enhanced Performance, Fat Burning, Improve Workout Recovery

    Key Ingredient: L-Carnitine


    BUFF is the secret weapon for those seeking to elevate their performance to new heights. With L-Carnitine as its core ingredient, this product is tailored to enhance your physical capabilities and endurance.

    Key Benefits:

    • Enhanced Performance: Whether you’re an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, BUFF is designed to help you push your boundaries.
    • Fat Burning: L-Carnitine supports your body in burning fat, making it an invaluable companion in your fitness journey.
    • Improved Workout Recovery: BUFF assists in quicker post-workout recovery, so you can stay consistent with your training regimen.


    Hair Loss

    Uses: Hair Loss Prevention, Hair and Nail Growth

    Key Ingredient: Biotin


    REGROW is your dedicated companion in the battle against hair loss. Formulated with the powerhouse ingredient Biotin, this product is meticulously designed for the prevention of hair loss and the promotion of healthy hair and nail growth.

    Key Benefits:

    • Hair Loss Prevention: REGROW’s specialized formula actively combats hair loss, helping you retain and regrow your hair.
    • Hair and Nail Growth: Experience a noticeable improvement in the health and growth of both your hair and nails.


    Weight Loss

    Uses: Weight Loss

    Key Ingredient: Lipo-B


    SKINNY is your partner in the journey towards achieving your weight loss goals. Powered by Lipo-B, it’s a potent tool to support your weight management efforts.

    Key Benefits:

    • Weight Loss: SKINNY aids in promoting weight loss, helping you shed those extra pounds on your path to a healthier you.
  • WHIZ


    Brain Boost

    Uses: Brain Boost, Increase Brain Performance

    Key Ingredient: Vitamin B-12



    WHIZ is your brain’s best friend. Packed with the brain-boosting power of Vitamin B-12, this product is engineered to enhance cognitive performance and mental clarity.

    Key Benefits:

    • Increases Brain Performance: WHIZ provides the mental acuity you need to excel in your daily tasks, whether it’s at work, school, or simply staying sharp as you age.